A Matter of Time

Don’t just build a practice. Help build a new profession.
Hourly advice has the potential to be the fastest-growing segment in the delivery of financial advice. With the templates and tools in this book, you can reap the full benefits that it has to offer. 
Written for established and aspiring hourly financial planners alike, A Matter of Time lays out the challenges that lie in the path of the hourly practitioner, which often result from the tacit acceptance of many myths that surround the model. Drawing on insights acquired over twenty years of running and growing an award-winning hourly firm, we address these myths and show how the most common pitfalls can be avoided.
With practical illustrations, you’ll learn how to: 
  • Price, position, and deliver hourly advice
  • Segment your client base and prospect for an entirely new clientele
  • Develop a relationship-based approach and avoid a “transactional” mindset
  • Harness the potential of time-tracking to create a stable foundation for growth.
A new type of firm - and a new potential audience for financial advice - is awaiting the financial planning profession. You now have the roadmap. Getting there is only a matter of time.
Praise for A Matter of Time
A Matter of Time is absolutely fantastic! I just wish I had it ten years ago when I started my practice.”
Anton Diedericks, CFP®
WellAdvised Financial Advisors, Hobart, Australia  
I liked how this book was divided into a why hourly and then how to make it successful. Personally, since I’m sold on the why already, I found the how part to be very informative and instructional. I like how the book discusses operations, revenue, profitability, scalability, all the types of things firm owners need to consider. I think this book will serve as a resource for those of us who are already in the industry or those who are pursuing the hourly model.
Feraud Calixte, JD, CFP®
Vantage Pointe Planning, Burlington, NC
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book. It is clear and concise and contains very valuable information. It’s going to help me as I take another look at my practice and decide how to proceed from here. I’m feeling some changes are in order. When I started, there were no hourly planners. It was completely unheard of. We now have no openings for new clients and we are desperate to have someone to refer prospects. I guess a trail has been blazed! Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this book. It is much needed.
Debbra Dillon, CFP®
Dillon Financial Planning, Inc., Eagle, ID